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Koen was born in Enschede - the Netherlands, in 1999, raised in a small village Neede.

He started experimenting with computers from a young age and was always behind the computer.
Growing up, he decided he wanted a job in IT, but which direction was yet to be thought of.
Koen decided to start a study in Software development. After three years of study, he finished his senior secondary vocational education.
During the study, there was room for internships. He finished both internships at InStijl Media and X-Guard.
After the study he stayed at X-Guard for a while, continuing to learn Node.JS basics.

After finishing the first study, he started with a Bachelors at Saxion University of Applied Science.
He followed a minor study in content creation, which made him use tools like illustrator, lightroom, and photoshop.
After that, he combines all three interests of design, photography, and software development into one.
This allows him to help customers who want to start out all at once.

Hours coded since 7 march 2018:

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